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09 December 2016

#Sponsored #Giveaway HeadAid Natural Migraine & Headache Relief

I have been given this product as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

I don't know about you, but I do not like taking a bunch of medications to manage my chronic migraine and the symptoms that accompany it.  If I could reduce the amount of migraines I get through natural means only, I would definitely do so.  Often my prescription pain medication leaves me feeling more nauseous and yucky instead of reducing my pain, which is extremely frustrating.  That is why natural pain relief is a big part of my management pain for migraine.  I include these methods alongside my medication protocols to get better, faster, and more reliable results.

CEO and Co-Founder, Thomas Kinder, and Chief Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder, Patricia Scripko, M.D., designed HeadAid to support the relief from the symptoms caused by migraine, stress and tension headaches, along with Post Concussion Syndrome.  These products are dedicated to patients who suffer from all types of headache disorders and were created to fill a void in the marketplace for easy-to-use, affordable, effective, and natural products to meet the needs of the headache sufferer.

HeadAid is a natural remedy that’s easy to use, tastes great, provides immediate relief.
It can even help you prevent symptoms before they start.
3 different formulas are designed for daytime, nighttime, & daily use.

HeadAid has three products - Daily, Fast Acting Day, and Fast Acting Night.

  • HeadAid Daily works immediately to reduce the duration, frequency, and intensity of headaches and migraines while helping to prevent them.  It comes in a mixed berry flavor and contains Magnesium, CoQ10, and Melatonin.
  • HeadAid Fast Acting Day comes in a lemon ginger flavor, has magnesium and caffeine, and is designed to give immediate migraine relief with enhanced wakefulness so you can stay active during the day.
  • HeadAid Fast Acting Night is the nighttime migraine remedy that helps you sleep better.  It comes in a yummy chamomile ginger flavor and contains magnesium, 5-HTP, peppermint, and chamomile.

How do the proprietary ingredients in HeadAid products help reduce the pain, duration, and frequency of headaches and migraines?  Here is a breakdown of each of them:
  1. Magnesium - stabilizes blood vessels, reduce headache frequency and intensity, reduce light/audio sensitivity, reduce aura
  2. CoQ10 - reduces frequency and intensity of migraine
  3. Melatonin - sleep aid, anti-inflammatory
  4. Caffeine - improves headache relief, enhance wakefulness
  5. 5-HTP - sleeping aid, decreases pain, elevates mood
  6. Peppermint - combats severe nausea
  7. Chamomile - sleeping aid, anti-inflammatory effect
Not only are these extremely convenient to take, they can be kept wherever you need them and are super portable!  You can keep it at the office, in your car, in your purse, on your nightstand, and most importantly in your migraine toolkit!  The effervescent powder form in a convenient stick pack simply mixes with water.  You can take HeadAid anywhere and it is very affordable!

Mix it. Drink it. Fix it.  It's that easy!
I was given samples of each product to try for myself.  The first one I used was the Fast Acting Night when I started getting a migraine after I went to bed.  I always keep a glass of water on my nightstand, so it was really easy and quick to mix the powder.  I loved the ginger and chamomile and almost immediately I began to feel some relief.  The peppermint helped to ease the nausea and within a few minutes I was able to fall asleep.

The next day I used the Daily formula.  I love the ease and convenience of the packets and powder form.  In the trunk of my car I always keep a case of water, so if I have to use any of the products while on the go, I can do it in a cinch!  I really enjoy not having to worry about carrying multiple pill bottles around. It is much easier to toss a few packets of HeadAid into my purse or travel bag/migraine toolkit.  I haven't had the need to use the Fast Acting Day formula yet, but I am sure it will work for me just as well as the other two have.

Before having to resort to taking a triptan or anti-nausea medication, I really like the idea of using a natural form of pain relief to try and stop my migraine and to ease my symptoms.  A lot of the time, that will abort it and I won't have to deal with the side effects of my pain medication.  That is a huge plus for me.  The less pills I have to take the happier I am.

HeadAid currently has an Indiegogo campaign.  This pre-order campaign is to help them gauge how much inventory they will need.  The campaign launched in November and production started this month.  Shipment and fulfillment will occur in January 2017.  You can learn more about the campaign and become a backer here -

If you don't want to wait for the campaign to end to try HeadAid, enter my giveaway! I will be giving away Trial Packs to five lucky winners.  Each Trial Pack includes:

3 Packets of HeadAid Daily
3 Packets of HeadAid Fast Acting Day
3 Packets HeadAid Fast Acting Night

The giveaway begins 12/10/2016 and ends at midnight on 12/17/2016.  It is open to U.S. residents only.

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