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07 September 2016

Living With Migraine - Migraine Sufferers Tell Their Stories

A few months ago I was given the wonderful opportunity to share my story and experiences about living with migraine for Excedrin.  Lifting the veil of stigma off of migraine has been a driving force behind this blog.  As someone who has had this neurological disease for almost my entire life, the notion that my illness is just a headache has been purported to me in countless forms and fashion.

It was a very proud moment for me to be one of the voices uplifting every migraineur for the world to see, giving us that much needed visibility in a life with an invisible illness.

I truly hope that you enjoy these videos.  Share the links on your social media accounts so that we can continue to make our struggles and triumphs known!

*I'd like to give a very special thank you to +Thomson Reuters and Excedrin Migraine for this experience.


  1. Hi, There!
    I only got to view the last two articles, as the first two would not play for me. I did enjoy both, but the "History of Head Pain" was extremely interesting. Glad we have made the leap from the stone age.
    As far as the, "Employees hide headaches..." article, I have been known to lie, myself, on many occasions to my employer for why I had to miss work. There were numerous times when I got the ole' " had a headache...again?" look. It is so difficult to express my level of pain to others whom have never experienced a migraine in the entire life.
    I really loved all the messages. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sandy. I'm glad that these videos resonated with you. Hopefully you've had the chance to watch the others you were having trouble playing. Having to downplay your pain in the workplace shouldn't be an option, but it is unfortunately in the migraine world. Maybe in the future you could refer those who doubt your migraine to watch these videos!

    I hope that you are doing well!

    Jaime, The Migraine Diva

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