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12 June 2017

New Web Extension for Health Resources #Review

Having health-related articles and information readily available is something that most people with chronic illness prefer.  When researching new medications, treatments, or just looking for inspiration, we tend to have to rely on a number of sources to get that information.  Personally, I have searched far and wide for migraine specific information and usually have to use a variety of websites in order to gain access to that information.  Having one place to access the information, articles and resources I need would be a huge plus!

NewLifeOutlook has done just that with their new Chrome browser extension - Chrome Web Store. This extension serves as a personal customized source of information for your particular chronic illness(es).  Once you install the extension into your browser, you can personalize it to fit your needs.  When you open up a new tab, the NewLifeOutlook page will open up.  Just enter your name and press continue and then you will be able to choose what you would like to see in the settings.

Click on the wheel on the left side of the screen to add your condition(s) and news sources.

With this extension I can easily access articles and news about migraine, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety in one convenient place.  I really love how easy it is to set up.  With just a few clicks I have a wealth of information at my fingertips.

News... Articles... Even inspirational quotes! Click on the little heart in the right hand corner of any article you would like to save as a favorite.  All of your favorites are easy to go back to by just clicking on the heart on the left side of the screen!

There's even a To-do List where you can keep track of upcoming appointments, important dates, and whatever else you have scheduled. How convenient is that? With brain fog, this is a huge help in remembering what we have coming up.

I highly recommend this extension if you use Chrome as your web browser.  It is so easy to use and very helpful.  Watch the walkthrough below after you download it from the Chrome Web Store and start accessing the information that is important and helpful to you today!

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