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Chronic Headache & Migraine Summit

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Migraine Awareness

Chronic Migraine Awareness is a real cause for a very real disease. Too few recognize the seriousness of Chronic Migraine and Migraine disease, as well as other debilitating headache disorders. Tens of millions suffer from the neurologica
l disease, Migraine. Around 2-3 million are chronic. There is NO CURE. Being diagnosed with Chronic Migraine can feel as devastating as a cancer patient would feel being told that their cancer spread and there's nothing that can be done to stop it. Once a person becomes chronic, it feels like the end. By that point dozens of treatments, medications, diets, and doctors have been tried.

But unlike the cancer patient, our bodies do not show the wear and tear this disease has put it through. Unlike the cancer patient, we have to fight and advocate for treatment for ourselves, by ourselves. Unlike the cancer patient, we often lack the compassion and understanding of others. But what hurts us the most is the stigma; that it's just all in our heads. A person who looks normal and healthy on the outside couldn't possibly be telling the truth about being in pain all day and every day. Would you tell someone who's diabetic that drinking more water would cure him? Would you treat someone with COPD as a drug seeker everytime she needed a nebulizer treatment to help her breathe?

These are the things we face on a daily basis - scrutiny, judgement, discontent and evel malcontent. All because we don't look sick. Educate yourself. Don't EVER assume that your wife, husband, brother, sister, son, daughter, coworker, classmate, friend, or cousin is lying about having Migraine disease. No one in their right mind would ever opt to live a life of pain. Ignorance inflicts severe emotional pain, making the physical pain a lot harder to cope with. If the shoe was on the other foot...Well, you wouldn't want to ever wear or see those shoes again.


Out of necessity we have had to become our own advocates.  We have had to fight for what we know to be true, that it is not "all in our heads", that what we feel is real and is agony.  This website is meant to be an aide to those that have had enough of being pushed around by doctors, when you know more about the disease than they do. There is a difference between being a headache specialist and a neurologist.

Thanks to Facebook, there are support groups for Chronic Migraine.  In this place you will find that you are not alone, and can ask questions of fellow sufferers.  If you have ever  wondered if you are crazy, or if anyone else feels the way you do, then this is the place for you.
To educate those around us, join this public Facebook page and show it on your news feed:


CMA and Advanced Migraine Relief and Treatments Center have joined forces!!!!   AM has witnessed the devastation chronic migraine can have and also witnessed the transforming results the right treatment can bring.  Unfortunately,  many sufferers give up the search for a solution too soon.  Advanced Migraine has made it their mission to find the most promising treatments and get that information to those that need it.  They are LISTENING!!!

On June 29th, our first Chronic Migraine Awareness Day, Advanced Migraine launched a new website   www.ChronicMigraineHelp.comFacebook page,  Twitter   for the migraineurs to find support and share information.  I, Cat Charrett-Dykes, will be a featured writer on the Advanced Migraine's Chronic Migraine Blog.  I will be sharing my story and telling the world what it is like to be subjected to this life.  Together Advanced Migraine and CMA hope to change lives one person at a time.


The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy has created a petition urging Congressional hearings on the impact of headache and migraine disorders.  The whole point of this particular petition is to make aware all of the facts about headache and migraine disorders and to bring it all out into the open.  Facts like the very disabling effects of headaches and migraines, the stigma of headaches and migraines, inadequate treatment and how many or undertreated, and the extreme underfunding of research.

Please sign the petition, and when you do, read the comments left by people who have or are affected by headache and migraine disorders.  They really do create a snapshot of how life is like for people to have to live with such debilitating chronic pain and how it feels to know that no matter how hard you try and advocate for yourself, you still may not be able to get the medical treatment deserving of your condition.  I know that I have to fight for my care more times than not and that is very hard to do when you are in pain more days out of the month than you are not.

AHDA members will be presenting this petition on the Hill on March 27th.  If you have already signed it, THANK YOU!  If not, hopefully you feel compelled to do so by reading the comments left by petition signers and hopefully from reading headache and migraine blogs like this one.  And please forward and share the petition with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  This is more than extremely important for us to become a national priority.  Think of other chronic conditions like diabetes not being treated like a real disease and people, even medical professionals, suggesting that you are making up your symptoms and when you go to the emergency room for care are treated like a "insulin seeker".  This is what life with a headache or migraine disorder is like.  So please sign the petition and help us put a light on our disease!

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