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Gluten Free Recipes

Eating a gluten free diet has made a huge difference in how frequently I get migraines and fibromyalgia flare ups.  It isn't an easy transition, but I do see and feel a difference from when I don't eat any foods containing gluten.  Although I am not allergic to gluten I do have a gluten intolerance.  When I have too much gluten, symptoms include weight gain, acne, bloating, inflammation, increased pain, and constipation.  

Going gluten free can be expensive, but thanks to a new Aldi food market in my neighborhood, my family can enjoy gluten free foods at a much lower cost.  They have their own line of products, LiveGFree, that saves me money and allows me to enjoy most of what I already eat without having to completely eliminate it from my or my family's diet.  My family loves the cornbread, the gluten free bread is awesome and is the first one that I actually like to eat!  I am also able to buy organic at a lower price with their SimplyNature line of products.  Check out each product line and find a store near you.

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In order to incorporate more flavor into my gluten free diet, I am always on Pinterest looking for recipes.  I love Pinterest.  You can follow me here or check out my gluten free board below.  I also have a digital subscription to Delight Gluten Free Magazine.  They have great articles and recipes every other month.  The app is free, an annual subscription (digital) is $5.99 and each issue is just $0.99 each.  It's a great investment for good information.  I get a new recipe emailed to me once a week, which I pin to my board for future reference.  Check out my collection of recipes and don't forget to look at all the great products Aldi has to offer.

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  1. Thanks for the good tips, I also found that going gluten free helped my migraines. Another good migraine free, gluten free recipe is here if anyone is interested in it -


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